It may be said as “rice roti” if prepared in non stick pan or can be said as “rice puri” if deep fried in oil.

ari pathiri-1

It is a Kerala special main dish, served as breakfast/dinner with a spicy gravy side dish(since this is a nil-spice dish).

This can be prepared with nil-oil also, if ghee is avoided in my following procedure:

ari pathiri-2


Fried rice flour              1 cup

Ghee                                   1 spoon(optional)

Salt                                     as required

Water                                 2 cups

For grinding:

Coconut-scrapped       ½ cup

Jeera                                   1 spoon

Small onion                    4

ari pathiri-3


  • Peel off skin of small onions.

  • Make a paste of items mentioned under “for grinding”.

  • In heavy bottomed pan, add water, ghee(optional) and salt.

  • Allow to boil and when it starts boiling add the ground mixture.

  • Let it boil together for a minute, turn the flame to sim, add rice flour little by little stirring continuously without break to avoid lumps.

  • Once done, switch off burner, close it with lid for 10 minutes, to further cook itself and to warm up.

  • After 10 minutes, knead the dough well.

  • Take two plastic sheets, clean and smooth.

  • Place one on the slab, dust the ball with rice flour and keep on that sheet.

  • Place the other plastic sheet on the ball and roll on the top plastic sheet to form a big round(similar to rolling  chapathi dough), not worrying  about shape, but as thin as possible.

  • Once done, take out top sheet, take sharp edged round cup(I used a sharp edged bottle cover), make small rounds by pressing gently with pressure(see pic).

  • The left out dough after making circle can be used to make the next big round and so on.

  • Repeat the same for remaining dough.

  • Heat a non stick pan, place the small pathiris, allow to cook one side, turn side and take out once the other side is also cooked.(don’t wait for golden colour, pahiris are white).

  • Need not use oil to make these.

  • Prepare the remaining pathiris.

  • Pathiris can be deep fried also in which case it is taken as a tea time snack.

  • Enjoy with spicy gravy.


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