Today, my desire to make Kanchipurm idly has been fulfilled and it came out so well that I can even say, it is the one and only dish which has come out exactly like the one my mom used to prepare.  A few people with whom I shared the dish have given  a wonderful feedback.  I am happy to share the recipe with you all.  Just follow my procedure, you will also get wonderful kanchi-idlies.

     My sincere thanks to my elder sister, Kalyani, who lives in Tanjore ,  for giving a quick recap of the procedure, since she has prepared it yesterday and got good comments from her people around.



Raw rice                               1 cup

Boiled rice                          1 cup

Urad dal                              1 cup

Salt                                         as required

Dry ginger powder        1 spoon

Pepper                                 ¾ spoon

Jeera                                     1 spoon

Turmeric powder           small pinch

Cashew                                10 (optional)

Gingelly oil                        3 spoons

Ghee                                       1 or 2 tbsp (optional)



Soak raw rice, boiled rice and urad dal together in enough water (after cleaning as usual) for 4 to 5 hours.  Grind coarse (not smooth), transfer to a big vessel, add salt , mix it and keep it for 10 to 12 hours to ferment.  (I kept it overnight).

Crush pepper(as shown in photo).  Heat ghee or gingelly oil in kadai, fry cashews, transfer to dough and fry other items , add the fried items and raw gingelly oil  to the dough.  Turmeric powder can be added directly without frying to get good colour.  Mix well and prepare idlies.

It takes more time to cook than normal idlies.


Once, it is fully cooked, hot kanchipuram idlies are ready for serving.


Eating style:  We normally break the idlies like upma , add ghee to it, mix well and take along with a side dish called “pachai puli” meaning “raw tamarind kuzhambu” which is made with brinjal (heated directly in furnace) and raw tamarind juice, which I will be posting separately , which is a very good side dish for venpongal also.


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