Source: TV show

samba adai-1 samba adai-2


Toor dal                                1 cup

Urad dal                               1 cup

Chana dal                            1 cup

Ginger                                  small piece

Green chilly                        2

Pepper                                 1 spoon

Jeera                                     1 spoon

Curry leaf                            1 or 2 strips

Coriander leaf                   half handful

Salt                                         as required

Hing                                       pinch

Coconut-scrapped           ½ cup


  • Soak dals for 2 hours.
  • Grind with all other items to the consistency of dosa dough(you can add coconut along with grinding items or mix just before preparation).
  • Prepare like normal adais.
  • It tasted really excellent and very healthy too.
  • We enjoyed with different side dishes for each adai, i.e., ghee & jaggery, chetinad getikuzhambu, thogayal, etc.,


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