Soak boiled rice for 5 hours , wetgrind as a nice paste , add salt and keep it for 4 hours.

With a spoon of oil in tawa, pour the dough and stir it till the dough becomes thick.

Use “oma podi achu” and put dough inside and press in idly plate and steamcook.

Once done, prepare

1.coconut sevai

2. lemon sevai

3. puli sevai

4. Vegetable sevai

Just like how we prepare above rices. 

Or eating it with raw coconut oil is very tasty and can be given to even small children.

 Photo of the oma podi achu is given for reference.



Sembu More kuzhambu (example)


wet grind: 

soaked toor dal ( 3 spoons to be soaked for 1 hr)



green chilly



jeeragam – half spoon 

and add in buttermilk kept in a bowl and mix well with turmeric powder.

 keep 1 spoon oil in tawa, add mustard and a very small pinch of venthayam.

 pour the mixture and switch off immediately on seeing first bubble…(dont allow to boil)

 add curry leaves, corriander leaves.

 Vegetable optional: They can be boiled separately with little salt and added in mixture before pouring in tawa.

 Preferred vegetables:

Pumpkin, sepankizhangu,ladyfinger, drumstick, brinjal.


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