I am being praised by everyone for my soft idly preparation, but the transformation from “stone like “ idlies to soft idlies has taken number of years, but I am happy , better late than never.

Out of experience, I want to give some tips for getting soft idlies.
  • The dough should be made with the grinder (not with mixie)
  • Urad dal should not be soaked for more than 1 ½ hrs.
  • Cold water is to be added little by little while grinding urad dal.
  • Rice should be ground nicely.
  • Quality of boiled rice and urad dal also matters.

photo 1


 Boiled rice                          5 tumblers

Urad dal                               1 ¼ tumblers

Salt                                         as required (we normally use crystal salt)

photo 3


               Clean boiled rice and soak for 5 hours.  For ex, if you are soaking rice at 8 am, soak urad dal at 11.30 am.   Start grinding process at 1 pm, do urad dal first.  Lot of water is to be added while grinding urad dal, but not all at a time.  Pour little by little.  Once done, transfer to a big vessel.  Grind the rice nicely , adding water whenever required.  Transfer to same vessel, add salt, mix and allow to ferment for 10 hours.  (this duration differs from place to place according to climate).

Once done, mix well, prepare idlies as usual and preserve the balance dough in fridge.

photo 4Suitable side dishes for this are:

Coconut chutney

Onion sambar

Tomato , channa dal chutney ( I have prepared this, was excellent) – recipe already posted

Onion chutney

Idly milaga podi



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