uppu charu1

It is a famous traditional item for us, of kuzhambu/kootu  variety, made with til, gingelly oil (good qty) and other items.  I want to thank my chithi, my mom’s younger sister who is an expert in preparing this. she is next to my mom in cooking, lives in Sivakasi, gave a quick recap of uppu charu when I called her over phone while arranging items for making it.


Raw banana-1 (I have not shown in pic)




Lady’s finger-6

       Salt-as required

       Tamarind extract-taken from full lime size tamarind.

For frying and powdering:

Mustard-1 spoon

Til-4 tbsp

Urad dal-3 tbsp

Channa dal-3 tbsp

Toor dal-3 tbsp

Rice-½ spoon

Red chilly-10(this alone fry in little oil)

For tempering:

Gingelly oil-1 small cup


Curry leaves-1 strip

Methi seeds-little(optional)

Hing-small pinch(optional)

uppu charu3 uppu charu4 uppu charu5


  • Dry fry, mustard, til,  urad dal, channa dal, toor dal, rice and allow to warm up for making powder. 
  • Fry in little oil, red chillies.
  • Powder all together.
  • Cut all the vegetables of equal size, wash them ,boil and cook well in tamarind water along with salt.
  • Heat oil in kadai, add mustard, half of curry leaves, methi seeds(optional), hing(optional).
  • Transfer the powder to kadai.  When it starts coming up, (may be a minute), transfer the boiled contents of tamarind water with vegetables and allow to boil for few more minutes.
  • Switch off and garnish with curry leaves.

uppu charu6

Very tasty gravy like kuzhambu is ready, which can be taken with white rice and ghee.



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