SAUCE-for pasta


Milk                                            4 cups (or more depending on how much sauce you want)

All purpose flour                2 spoons

Garlic                                        1 spoon

Butter                                       3 tbsp

Crushed red pepper         1 spoon

Oregano                                  1 spoon

Salt                                             2 to 3 pinches


  • Heat butter in a sauce pan.
  • Add all purpose flour and mix well.
  • Add garlic , stir well.
  • Pour the milk, keep stirring.  If you want to avoid stirring for long time, have the milk slightly heated before.
  • Keep stirring constantly till the milk thickens.
  • Now add salt, oregano and crushed red pepper according to taste.

This is very healthy compared to the sauces you get at store and very tasty too.


Pasta with veggies


Pasta                                     of your choice

Salt                                         2 tbsp

Black pepper                    1 spoon

Crushed red pepper      as per your taste

Butter                                   2 tbsp

Veggies                                any vegetables can be used.  I usually use onions

                                                  and bell peppers.  Carrots, tomatoes, spinach can be used.

Garlic                                    1 spoon

Olive oil                               2 spoons


  • Boil the pasta in hot boiling water for 30 minutes or till the pasta is fully cooked and is soft.
  • Drain the pasta and add 2 drops of olive oil.
  • Meanwhile, heat butter in a pan, the add garlic and onions.
  • Once the onions are golden brown, add crushed red pepper and colored bell peppers.
  • Sauté them well.
  • Now, mix the veggies and pasta together.  Add some black pepper.

You can mix this mixture with white pasta sauce (separate recipe) and enjoy.



Cheese sharp cheddar

(or any cheese of your choice)                   2 cups

Panko bread crumbs                                       2 spoons


  • You can either enjoy pasta with veggies mixed with white sauce (separate recipe) or bake them.  I usually prefer baking them.
  • Preheat over to 350 deg F
  • Now, in a baking pan, layer the bottom with pasta with veggies,  then on top of that pour the white sauce, and on top of that layer cheese.
  • Keep repeating the above layers for how much pasta is left.
  • On top of the pan add lots of cheese and panko bread crumbs ( or any bread crumbs).
  • Allow this to bake for 40 minutes. 
  • You can see the cheese bubbling and top browned.

Now, enjoy this with extra black pepper, salt and crushed red pepper according to taste.


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