masala jaggery tea

You may laugh at me if I say I was poor in preparing tea till 3 years back since we all love filter coffee in our family and not a single day of our life has passed (till today) without hot filter coffee.  After we started living with many North Indian friends of our flat, I have become a lover of tea too!  They make excellent tea.  So, I have taken the recipe from them for masala tea and I have been preparing my tea really well for the past one year.  I am very fond of jaggery.   Recent times, people are very much diet conscious and started avoiding white sugar wherever possible.  Hence, I ended up with masala iaggery tea which is extremely tasty and I request my viewers to try this out and post feedback.  I have made a blend of 2 types of tea leaves.  You can similarly arrive at your own brand.  Many masala tea includes cinnamon for health reasons, but personally I don’t like that taste, you can decide according to your wish.


Tea leaves                                                               1 tbsp

Low fat milk(without adding water)        1 ¼ cups

Elachi powder                                                      liberal pinch

Clove                                                                        1 to 2(according to size)

Fresh Ginger                                                        small piece(1/2 inch)

Black pepper powder                                       small pinch

Pure Jaggery-powdered                                 1 tbsp


  • Wash, peel off skin of ginger and crush it.  You can very well add ginger powder(liberal pinch) instead of fresh ginger.  I have used ginger powder.

  • Mix all items in a thick bottomed vessel and allow to boil.

  • Sim the gas and allow to boil for 2 more minutes.

  • Filter and enjoy with hot spicy snack item or fried nuts.


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