BESAN LADOO with nuts

BESAN LADOO with nuts

besan ladoo


  • Besan(kadalai mavu)-coarsely ground    1 cup

  • Powdered sugar                                                  1 cup

  • Dry fruits                                                               ¼ cup

  • Ghee                                                                         ½ cup

  • Elachi powder                                                      1 spoon


  • Heat ¾ of the ghee, add coarse besan and start roasting, keeping flame in low.

  • Continue this process till besan turns to golden colour and ghee starts separating.  This takes 30 minutes.

  • Switch off burner and allow the contents to warm up, this step is very important before adding sugar.

  • Once it is fully warm, add powdered sugar.

  • Add elachi powder.

  • Fry the dry fruits in little ghee, crush them and add to contents.

  • Mix well and make balls as shown in pic.

  • If you find it difficult to make balls due to dryness, add melted ghee again, mix well and continue.

  • Tasty besan ladoos are ready.

Recipe shared by Mrs. Bhavana Pravin, my flat friend.



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