This is a Holy/Diwali special sweet, with the outer covering of maida and innder stuffing with different items like, rava, khoya, nuts, etc.,

The below recipe is stuffed with khoya and nuts.

My Gujarati/North Indian flat mates are experts in sweet preparation and this is one of their master pieces.   Having enjoyed its taste enough, I thought, it is high time I should learn the recipe, make my own and share with you all.  Since I can’t wait till I make it, I now share the recipe of my friend:



All purpose flour        2 cups

Ghee                                  7 tbsp

Salt                                    pinch

Oil                                      as required for deep frying

For filling:

Khoya                                  1 cup

Sugar(powdered)           1 cup

Dry scrapped coconut  ½ cup

Cardamom powder        1 spoon

Rava(suji)                           2 spoons

Mixed nuts                         ¾ cup

(used nuts in this recipe are: almond, raisins, pista, few cahsews)


  • In a broad vessel, add the flour, 2 tbsp of ghee, salt and mix well.

  • Add water little by little and knead well and make into a soft, firm and smooth dough and keep aside.

  • Heat little ghee in a pan, add dry coconut, fry to golden, take out and transfer to a bowl.  This bowl will be used to assemble stuffing items.

  • Heat little ghee, fry rava to golden and add to bowl.

  • Heat little ghee,  add dry fruits, fry to golden, take out, warm up,  coarse powder and add to the bowl.

  • Heat little ghee,  add khoya, start roasting, (keeping flame in medium/low), for 8 to 10 minutes, till it turns pink and ghee starts leaving the sides, add to bowl, once done.

  • Powder the sugar and add to bowl.

  • Add cardamom(elachi) powder.

  • Mix all the items well and this forms the stuffing.

  • Now, take the dough made with all purpose flour, make into small sized balls and roll them like puris.

  • Keep one tbsp of stuffing in one half of the puri and wet the edges of the puri along the full circle with finger dipped in milk(this enables proper closing and struggle free frying).

  • Fold the puri to form a semi circle, close and press the edges well.

  • Your can twist the edges to avoid the stuffing coming out or use any other simple tool to close and shape the edges.

  • Make the gujiyas ready for the remaining dough and stuffing and arrange in a cloth.

  • Heat oil, drop 4 to 5 at a time, fry both sides and take out.

Recipe shared by Mrs. Bhavana Pravin, my flat friend.



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