kerala payasam


Split moong dal                 ½ cup

Chana dal                               ½ cup

Jaggery                                    1 cup

Cashew                                     as you wish

Elachi powder                      ¼ spoon

Dry ginger powder            ½ spoon

Jeera powder                       ½ spoon

Coconut fine cuts               ¼ cup

Ghee                                           4 tbsp

Coconut milk                       2 cups


  • Fry moong dal and chana dal in little ghee and pressure cook for 3 whistles.
  • Boil jaggery in water and filter out impurities.
  • Once you are able to open the cooker, mash the cooked dal well.
  • Add jaggery water and allow to boil together for 5 minutes.
  • Add elachi powder and half of ghee.
  • In remaining ghee, fry to golden, coconut cuts, cashews, jeera powder,  dry ginger powder and add to payasam.
  • Add coconut milk, mix well and serve.

Recipe shared by Mrs. Manju Venugopal.


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