Badam, pista, edible camphor and clove are optional. 

Besan                                    1 cup

Sugar                                     1 cup

Cooking oil                         required for frying boondi

Cashew                                 8

Raisin                                    10

Ghee                                        2 tbsp


  • Sieve the besan and mix with water to dosa batter consistency.
  • Heat oil in a broad pan (so that boondis will not stick with each other).
  • Hold the boondi karandi on top of hot oil, pour batter on it and make the batter fall on the oil as small boondies.
  • It may hardly take one or two minutes to fry.  Lower flame once half done.
  • Take out and drain oil as done for other oily stuff.
  • Meanwhile, boil sugar with half cup of water in another burner . and bring it to one string consistency.
  • Repeat boondi making process, till batter gets over.
  • Transfer fully drained boondis into sugar syrup once it becomes warm.
  • Fry cashews and raisins in little ghee and add to contents.
  • Mix well and make balls using ghee for smearing the hands.

Tasty laddus are ready.

Recipe shared by Mrs. Leela Pratapa, my flat friend.


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