It is a very tasty tea time snack, made with maida, besan(kadalai mavu) and dry methi leaves.

methi besan pare


Besan(kadalai mavu)      1 cup

Maida                                   1 cup

Rava                                      1 spoon

Salt                                         as required

Hing                                       liberal pinch

Carom seed(omam)       ½ spoon

Jeera(cumin seed)          1 spoon

Red chilli flakes                 ¾  spoon

Kasthuru methi                 2 spoons

(dry fenugreek leaf/dry venthaya keerai)

Ghee                                     1 spoon

Oil                                           1 spoon+ as required to deep fry the snack


  • Mix all items mentioned above(except the oil mentioned for frying), very well adding water as required and make a fine dough just similar to poori dough.
  • Roll it like a big chapathi.
  • Prick randomly with a fork(to make it crisp while frying).
  • Cut into long pieces with a knife as shown in pic.
  • Heat oil and deep fry to golden as done for any other such snack items.

Recipe shared by Mrs. Malathy Gunasekar, my flat friend. 



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