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Roti has become an important dish in almost all people’s life.  Hence the need to make soft rotis has become vital.  I have seen lot of ladies saying “we try our best, but unable to make soft rotis”…some say add lot of ghee, some say add milk, some say add hot water, but nothing could lead to the softest of all rotis I have ever tasted till I tasted the one prepared by Mrs. Nishitha Jetin.  She is our flat friend and makes excellent soft rotis.  Though she is well known for almost all her North Indian dishes, the universally accepted fact is that, no one can make soft roti like her.  We are lucky enough to enjoy that taste in all parties requesting her to make it…At a point of time, we all decided to learn exactly what she does, and we got a chance to observe it in our last party in her house.

We all stood around her and made her do from scratch, though she has already made everything ready and quite a good amount of dough left.

Our sincere thanks to Mrs. Nishitha Jetin for her kindness to oblige our request.  I started preparing soft rotis now and I am happy to share the procedure with you all.


Wheat flour                        1 cup

Olive oil                                1 spoon

Salt                                         small pinch


  • Mix all above, adding water little by little and make it a fine dough (see pic).
  • Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Use rice flour (this is the actual secret) to make the chapathi very very thin.
  • Place in a hot pan, turn when it starts bubbling, immediately take out pan and put directly in fire.
  • Take out, smear little ghee and serve.

Adding lot of oil while mixing the dough may appear logical to make soft rotis but it is not the case.  Roti is tender and breaks even before you place in fire.

Hope this tip will help you.

Recipe shared by Mrs. Nishitha Jetin



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