veg nuggets by Mrs.Manju


The following vegetables are used in this recipe…however, you can use all or few of the vegetables according to your convenience…but potato is a must.  Similarly, spices, green chilly, red chilly powder, pepper powder and garam masala are used here.  You can decide whether to use all or few of them, increasing/decreasing the quantity to adjust your taste.

Potato                                           2 to 3
Carrot                                             1 
Beans                                              10
Green peas                                   1 cup
Cauliflower                                 10 florets
Capsicum                                      1
Sweet corn                                   ¼ cup
Cabbage                                        1 small piece
Coriander leaf                            as you wish
Green chilly                                 2
Ginger                                             small piece(or paste-1/2 spoon)
Cheese                                           2 spoons
Panneer                                        2 spoons
Bread crumbs                          1 cup
Maida                                           ½ cup
Corn flour                                  ½ cup
Chilly powder                          ½ spoon
Pepper powder                      ½ spoon
Garam masala powder    ¼ spoon(optional)
Salt                                               as required
Cooking oil                               as required for deep frying


  • Cook the potatoes, grate them.
  • Chop vegetables very very finely.
  • Vegetables can be added directly if they are finely chopped, else cook them in oven for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Make a dough( like how you make for bajji) with maida, corn flour and little salt.
  • Mix all other items except oil and bread crumbs without adding water.
  • You can add little maida, bread crumbs and corn flour in the mixing of vegetables also(optional).
  • Make the dough into shapes as shown in pic.
  • Dip each in dough, then dust in bread curmbs, deep fry in oil.
  • Repeat for full dough.
  • Excellent vegetable nuggets are ready.

Trust me, it tasted extremely superb.  

Recipe shared by Mrs. Manju Venugopal, my flat friend.



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