wheat flour laddu


Coarsely ground wheat flour      1 cup

Ghee                                                       as required for making final balls

Sugar                                                     1 cup

Elachi powder                                    liberal pinch

Dry fruits                                             as required

Cooking oil                                          for frying + 2 spoons for mixing

Edible gum                                          1 spoon


  • Mix 2 spoons of oil with wheat flour and mix well.
  • Adding warm water little by little, make a very hard dough.
  • Make hard balls out of the dough.
  • Keeping the burner in low flame, heat oil and fry the hard balls to golden brown.
  • (it is important that flame should be low, else it will turn to golden outside and remains uncooked/unfried inside).
  • After removing all the balls from oil, grind in mixie.
  • Sieve it and take the fine flour.
  • (grind the residual again if required, else no need).
  • Add dry fruits and elachi powder.
  • Powder the sugar and add to contents.
  • Fry edible gum in ghee and add.
  • Pour warm ghee to contents, mix well and make balls(as shown in pic).

Recipe by Mrs. Nishita Jatin Parikh, my flat friend.





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