wheat halwa

Wheat halwa already posted in my blog was prepared using wheat flour which is a very simple and quick to make method. This is the original recipe, which involves more time and energy, but tastes ultimate.


Wheat milk                         1 ½ cups

Sugar                                      2 ½ cups to 3 cups

Ghee                                        1 cup

Elachi powder                   liberal pinch

Cashew                                  10


  • Soak wheat overnight.
  • In the morning, wash it twice, grind in mixie, squeeze out milk.
  • Grind the residual again and take out milk and add to original milk.
  • Repeat it 4 to 5 times.
  • For this process, you can use as much water as you need.
  • Keep the milk for 8 hours(to ferment and also to allow the water to settle on top).
  • Pour out the water which is on top.
  • Pour the milk along with 3.5 cups of water, to a thick bottomed vesselor kadai, keep it in burner in medium flame.
  • Keep stirring for about 20 minutes to half an hour.
  • Add sugar and mix well.
  • Add elachi powder.
  • Continue stirring, adding ghee in between till it takes the shape of halwa and the ghee starts separating.
  • Switch off burner, fry cashews in ghee, add to halwa, mix well and enjoy this excellent halwa.

Recipe shared by Mrs. Shanthi Jayaraman, my flat friend.




  1. Very methodically explained–but the flame fom the fire should be low and not high-otherwise, the halwa will get overcooked

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