Vegetable Briyani – Quick & Easy to make


It is no doubt a very common item, but this is posted for its simplicity (with only one vessel used) in making and absolutely no masala items.

Items required:

India Gate basmati rice                                                 1 cup

Onion                                                                                        3

Carrot                                                                                       1

Beans                                                                                        5

Potato(small)                                                                    1

Ginger                                                                                       1 small piece

Green chilly                                                                          5 (big)

Cashew                                                                                    6

Salt/ghee/sunflower oil/coriander leaves       as required        



Soak rice for 10 mins before starting.

Heat ghee & oil in pan , fry cashew and take out.

Add onion, fry little, add other vegetables one by one, fry little, add rice, pour 2 cups water, close with lid.

Serve adding coriander leaves & cashews.

(Please note , it is made without grinding or using any other vessel)


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