adai mavu kunukku

adai mavu kunukku

This is a tasty evening time snack which can be made within seconds if you have left out adai batter in fridge.   To see adai mavu recipe, please refer “ADAI ” under TIFFIN ITEMS menu.


Adai batter (left out on last day)                              1 cup

Besan (kadalai mavu)                                                     3 tbsp (to make the batter thick to consume less oil)

Salt                                                                                               small pinch

Curry leaf                                                                                 1 strip

Coriander leaves                                                                half handful

Green chilly                                                                           2

Cooking oil                                                                           required for frying


  • Chop curry leaves, coriander leaves and green chilies finely.
  • Mix all items except oil to a consistency to make balls (like bonda) comfortably.
  • Heat oil in kadai, make small balls and drop in the oil, allow to fry and cook, turn side and take out once golden.

Very tasty evening time snack and tastes like vada since the dough already contains dals.

We don’t use onion in this, but if you like to have you can very well do it by chopping it finely and mixing with the dough.


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