alu tikki


Potato                                  3

Green chilly                       3

Ginger                                  small piece

Coriander leaves           half handful

Salt                                        as required

Pepper powder              ¼ spoon

Hing                                      small pinch

Besan(kadalai mavu)   2 spoons (or bread crumbs 2 spoons)

Cooking oil                           1 cup (if you want to deepfry in kadai) or

                                                    2 tbsp if you shallow fry in non stick 

                                                                         dosa pan  (I made shallow fry in dosa pan)


  • Cook potatoes well, remove skin, mash well.
  • Chop green chilies, ginger and coriander leaves finely.
  • Mix all items (except oil) well.
  • Make lemon size ball and flatten like vada.
  • Shallow fry in dosa pan or deepfry in kadai.
  • Very tasty tea time snack.



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