Source of learning: TV show

bangle murukku-1 bangle murukku-2 bangle murukku-3 bangle murukku-4
Maida              1 cup
Rice flour       1 cup
Coconut         3 tbsp
Red chilly      4 to 5
Jeera               1 spoon
Til                      2 spoons
Butter             1 spoon
Salt                   as required
Hing                  pinch
Cooking oil as required to deep fry.


  • Dry fry both the flours together and transfer to a vessel.
  • Wet grind coconut, jeera, red chilies, salt and hing as a fine paste and transfer to vessel.
  • Add til and butter and make a thick dough as shown in pic.
  • Take small quantity of dough make a ball and roll your hands to make it like a thick thread(see pic).
  • Join the ends and now it becomes a circle.
  • Make circles with full dough.
  • Heat oil and deep fry.

Excellent snack.


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