It is a very good desert , very healthy , very tasty made with only a single spoon of ghee , that too used for frying cashews.




Moong dal                                     ¾ cup

Channa dal                                   ¼ cup

Jiggery (vellam) powder    1 cup

Coconut                                          1 cup

Elachi                                               10 to 14 according to VOLUME(I made large quantity)

Cashew                                           20

Ghee                                                 1 spoon

Milk                                                   1 cup



  • Wash dals, cook it for 6 whistles in pressure cooker.
  • Wet grind half of cooked dal with coconut.
  • Powder elachi.
  • Dissolve jiggery and filter to remove impurities.
  • Add the ground mixture in the cooker contents (balance dal).  Switch on burner.
  • Keep stirring continuously (otherwise, it will  stick at bottom and this is the only tricky part of this kheer).
  • Add jiggery solution, elachi powder and allow to boil for 4 to 5 minutes (not much since dals are already cooked and coconut is good for health without much boiling).
  • Add milk and boil for 2 minutes.
  • Switch off buner.  Fry cashews in ghee and add to kheer.
  • Once it is warm, keep in fridge and serve after an hour or so.

Very tasty and healthy kheer is ready.



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