It is known as “Palapazha payasam’ in Tamil.  This recipe (which I followed) is “quick to make”. The original recipe involves adding first, second and third coconut milk in stages.

jack fruit kheer-1 jack fruit kheer-2


Jack fruit bulb(palachulai)                10 to 12
Jaggery(vellam)                                       1 cup
Elachi powder                                              liberal pinch
Coconut                                                            ¼ cup
Cashew                                                             10
Coconut milk                                                ¼ cup
Normal milk                                                 1 ½ cups
Saffron strands                                           few(half while pasting, remaining for garnishing)


  • Soak cashews and saffron strands in warm milk for 15 minutes.
  • Cook jack fruit bulbs with required water in a kadai.
  • Grind as a paste, cooked jack fruit bulbs, soaked cashews, saffron, elachi powder and coconut.
  • Transfer to kadai, keep flame in medium, add jaggery, stir continuously adding remaining milks little by little.
  • Switch off once done and garnish with left out saffron strands.

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