It is a very tasty, easy to make, healthy sweet (especially for children & for people who don’t mind consuming ghee).  I have prepared this many times and  got appreciation whenever I made and everyone used to think it is very difficult to make till they learn it….The whole process takes less than 10 minutes.

Please try this out and give feedback !



Fried gram                          1 cup

Sugar                                     ¾ cup

Elachi powder                  small pinch

Cashew                                 10 to 15

Ghee                                       required to make the powder into balls


  • Powder fried gram, sugar and elachi together (this takes only one or two minutes).
  • Fry cashews in ghee to golden and add to powder.
  • Melt the ghee (normally I buy butter and make ghee when I want to make this, so it will be hot) and pour in powder, mix well and make balls.

No fear of losing consistency , etc., so, I love this !



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