nuts kheer


Mixed nuts                           1 cup

(I have used badam, cashew, dry dates and walnut)  

Condensed milk             ½ cup

Palm jaggery                   1 tbsp

Sugar                                    ¼ cup (dry dates, condensed milk and palm jaggery also add sweetness)

Elachi powder                  liberal pinch

Saffron                                 little

Cashew                                8 (optional)

Ghee                                     1 tbsp (required only if you use cashew)

Dry ginger powder       liberal pinch


  • Make a fine powder and then  a paste of nuts and mix with enough water.
  • Allow to boil the mixture, stirring continuously.
  • Once half done, add palm jaggery powder, sugar and condensed milk.
  • soak saffron in half spoon of warm milk and add to boiling contents.
  • add elachi powder and ginger powder, allow to boil and switch off once done.
  • Heat ghee, fry cashews and add to kheer(optional).

Enjoy this healthy kheer.





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