This is a sweet item and looks like puttu.

This is my mom’s special and sure to take place on Diwali day along with “kara vadai”- snack item (already posted).



Moong dal                          1 big cup

Vellam                                  ¾ cup

Elachi                                    6

Ghee                                       5 spoons

Cashew                                8


  • Wash and soak moong dal for an hour.
  • Drain water completely and grind a bit coarse.
  • Make idlies, cool them and break into very fine pieces without lumps(you can use mixie to break).
  • Heat kadai, add a cup of water and add vellam to it.
  • Once it starts boiling, filter it and boil again to bring one string consistency.
  • Add broken pieces, add half of the ghee, stir and mix well.
  • Add crushed elachi, mix well and switch off.
  • fry cashews in remaining ghee, add to okkorai, mix well and serve.



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