It is the easiest sweet of all,  but,  I feel, not all get it correctly like the one my mom used to make.  My mother was called for making kesari and potato bonda in all our family functions, since she makes them so well and tasty.

Three points I can suggest to get very tasty kesari:

  • Use ghee liberally
  • Fry rava for a very long time till it becomes completely golden.
  • Boil and cook rava for long time.


Rava                      1 cup

Sugar                    1 cup

Ghee                       4 tbsp

Cashew                 5

Elachi powder  liberal pinch

Kesari colour    small pinch


  • Heat one tbsp of ghee and fry broken cashews to golden, take out and keep aside.
  • In the same pan, add another tbsp of ghee and fry rava for long time in medium flame till it is completely golden.
  • Add water and allow to boil and cook very well.
  • Once it is cooked fully and all water is absorbed, add sugar, elachi powder, kesari colour and mix well.
  • Add remaining ghee and switch of f burner once done.
  • Add cashews and serve.




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