This is in continuation of the healthy red dosa, which I hope and assume that you have gone through my recipe.  So, I continue this recipe, assuming that you have the healthy red dosa batter in hand(if not, you can make it anytime). 

To explain shorty, red rice-1 cup, red aval(poha)-1/2 cup, soak for 4 hours, grind with red chilly-4, jeera-1 spoon, required salt using only buttermilk, mix chopped coriander leaves.

red rice kunukku-2 red rice kunukku-1


Healthy red dosa dough 1 cup

Kadalai mavu(besan)      4 tbsp

Rice flour                             2 tbsp

Onion-chopped                 handful

Chilly powder                    ½ spoon

Salt                                         as required for these additional items

Hing                                       liberal pinch

Curry leaves                      few

Coconut                               one small piece

Chana dal                            1 spoon

Cooking oil                         as required fro deep frying


  • Soak the chana dal for an hour and cut the coconut into fine small pieces.

  • Mix all items except cooking oil to a consistency not very thick and not very loose.

  • Heat oil, take small quantity of batter and drop into oil.  Decide the number of kunukkus dropped  according to the oil quantity.

  • Turn side once done, take out once golden.

  • Repeat the same for remaining batter.


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