Moong sprouts                         1 cup

Saunf (sombu)fennel          1+1 spoons

Ginger                                            one inch piece

Garlic                                             4 cloves

Green chilly                               3+1

Salt                                                as required

Cooking oil                               as required to shallow fry tikkis

Gingelly oil                               to prepare the dish

Cinnamon stick                     small piece

Bay leaf                                      1

Elachi                                           2

Clove                                            2

Onion                                           1

Tomato                                      1

Curry leaf                                 1 strip

Turmeric powder                pinch

Chilli powder                        ½ spoon


To make moong sprouts:

  • Soak green whole moong overnight.
  • Wash and drain off the water completely.
  • Transfer to a hotpack and keep it for 8 to 10 hours (decide the time according to your climate).
  • Now, sprouts are ready for use.

To make tikkis:

  • Transfer the sprouts to mixer jar.
  • Add saunf-1 spoon, ginger, garlic, green chilies-3 and half of the salt.
  • Make it a thick dough.
  • Heat dosa pan and keep a small ball of dough and flatten immediately in the shape of round vada.
  • You can keep 7 at a time.
  • Add oil as you wish and shallow fry both sides very well and keep aside.
  • Repeat for full dough.

To make vadacurry:

  • Heat oil in kadai, add cinnamon, bay leaf, elachi, saunf-1 spoon, cloves and sauté a little.
  • Add slit green chilly-1, chopped onion, tomato, curry leaf and remaining salt.
  • Add turmeric powder, chilli powder and mix well.
  • If you want it like a gravy, add enough water and close it keeping flame in high.
  • Once done, break the tikkis and add in gravy.
  • Serve after it is fully mixed and soaked well.
  • If you want it dry, break the tikkis and add to contents without adding water(see my pic).

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