SWEET SUNDAL with Green whole moong dal

sweet sundal

Sundal is a very tasty and healthy dish prepared as a evening time snack in many houses. It is well known for its importance during “NAVARATHRI” festival on all 9 days.

Method for preparing sweet sundal is almost the same whatever dhaniyam you are using.  I prepared with green whole moong dal and thought of sharing with you all.


Green whole Moong dal                               1 cup

Jaggery                                                                 ½ cup

Scrapped coconut                                           ¼ cup

Elachi                                                                      3

Ghee                                                                        1 spoon (optional)


  • Wash and soak dal for 8 to 10 hours.
  • Cook very well in pressure cooker.
  • Boil jaggery with a cup of water, filter and boil again to one string consistency.
  • Add cooked dal, add crushed elachi, ghee(optional), mix well and switch off.
  • Add scrapped coconut and serve.



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