It is a very tasty, harmless, shallow fried snack item.   Many versions of this recipe are available, I have followed the one which I saw in a TV show contest recently and much impressed the way it was prepared.  I tried my own, came out well.  Many versions say including pepper-1 spoon while making rice rava, but in this recipe, I have not added, probably I may try adding pepper when I make next time. 

In short, I can say, this is similar to rice upma preparation,   after which, shaping like vadas and shallow frying in a dosa pan with little oil.

thaval adai-1 thaval adai-2


Raw rice                               1 cup

Moong dal                          1/3 cup

Toor dal                                2 to 3 tbsp

Coconut-scrapped           ¾ cup

Cooking oil                          as required for shallow frying

Salt                                         as required

For tempering:

Coconut oil                         2 tbsp

Mustard                               little

Split urad dal                    little

Channa dal                         little

Hing                                       liberal pinch

Dry chilly                            2

Green chilly                        5 (adjust between this and pepper)

Ginger                                   1 inch piece

Curry leaf                            2 strips


  • Wash and soak moong dal in water,  15 minutes before preparation.

  • Mix rice  and toor dal in a broad bowl, sprinkle little water, mix and leave it for 10 minutes.

  • Powder  this rice, toor dal mixture to rava consistency.

  • Sieve and take the top rava portion, ignore the nice flour.

  • Heat coconut oil, do tempering, adding items in the order mentioned.

  • Add soaked moong dal and mix well.  Sprinkle water if required and cook together for couple of minutes.

  • Add coconut and mix well.

  • Add good enough quantity of water(since the rice+toor dal rava is to be cooked well).

  • Add salt and allow the water to boil well.

  • Once it starts boiling, add salt.

  • Add rice-dal rava, little by little, mixing with the other hand.

  • Keep mixing like how you do for upma, to avoid formation of lumps.

  • Once it reaches upma consistency, switch off burner, close pan with lid.

  • Once it is warm and comfortable to handle, make small balls out of the tight dough.

  • Flatten like vada.

  • Heat dosa pan, keep 6 or 7 such vadas, pour little oil.

  • Turn side once cooked, take out once golden.

  • Thaval adai is ready to be enjoyed with coffee/tea.



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