vella seedai-1


Rice flour                             1 cup

Urad dal flour                  1 tbsp

Vellam                                  ½ cup

Butter                                   1 tbsp

White til                               2 tsp

Scrapped coconut         1 tbsp

Elachi powder                  a pinch

Cooking Oil                        to fry (I used coconut oil)

vella seedai-2


  • Rice flour is normally prepared for seedai, by soaking raw rice in water for 20 minutes, draining the  water, spreading in a dry cloth, powdering either in mixie or in flour mill and sieving.
  • People who cannot do this procedure can use readily available rice flour and dry fry in kadai for 2 to 3 minutes and use (I have done this only).
  • Powder vellam, add half a cup of water to it, boil well and filter.
  • Mix all items along with filtered vellam water as a fine dough.
  • Make balls of dough slightly bigger in size than uppu seedai (see pic) and spread in kitchen towel.
  • Heat oil in kadai, fry in low flame to golden.



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