mango thokku1


Mango  (medium sized)                               5

Mustard seed                                                      2 tbsp

Fenugreek seed                                                2 tbsp

Gingelly  oil                                                         1 cup

Chilly powder(red colour)                         as required

Salt                                                                           as required

Hing                                                                          a small pinch

Red chilly                                                             1

Turmeric powder                                            a small pinch

mango thokku2


Peel off the skin of mangoes and grate them.  Add salt and turmeric powder , mix well and keep.  Dry fry fenugreek seeds (to golden) in kadai and transfer to a plate.  Add mustard seeds in kadai, just sauté for few seconds and transfer to same plate.  Powder both together as a nice powder.  Heat oil in kadai, add little mustard and one broken red chilly , swich off burner once done.  No need to switch on burner hereafter.  Allow the oil to warm up and add chilly powder to it, then mango mixtue and powder, mix well and store in a proper container.

mango thokku3

The speciality of this thokku is, it is done with raw mangoes.

I have learnt it from my friend, Mrs. Leela, who is an expert not only in making pickles but also in preparing many other foods.  She is sharing the photo(given below) of the thokku she has made.

 mango thokku4


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