Though it is a very simple chutney, little variations in the ingredients make the dishes taste better.  So far I had a strong mind set that thogayal(where we fry urad dal, red chilly, followed by the actual thogayal ingredient) does not require tempering(rather should not be done) with mustard.  But now, I got the mind set to accept and follow good tips, irrespective of the person giving that tip(young/old/known/unknown).  Here is one such:

pudina chutney-1 pudina chutney-2


Pudina leaves                    1 big cup

Coconut                               ¼ cup

Ginger                                  1 inch piece

Urad dal                               2 spoons

Channa dal                         2 spoons

Red chilly                             1

Green chilly                        1

Salt                                         as required

Tamarind                             tamarind seed size

Cooking oil                          1 tbsp

For tempering:

Cooking oil                           1 spoon

Mustard                                 little

Split urad dal                      ½ spoon

Curry leaf                             2 or 3(optional-I have not put)


  • Plug out pudina leaves, wash and drain.

  • Wash and chop the ginger and green chilly roughly.

  • Heat half out of 1 tbsp oil, fry to golden, urad dal, channa dal and red chilly, take out and keep aside.

  • Pour remaining half of 1 tbsp oil, add green chilly and ginger.

  • Sauté for a minute and add pudina leaves and coconut.

  • Sauté for couple of minutes and switch off.

  • Add tamarind and salt, mix well and allow to warm up.

  • Grind all items to a paste of your required consistency.

  • Do tempering.

  • Enjoy with any tiffin.  Trust me, it tasted too good.




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