avarakai paruppu usili


Avarakai                               ¼  kg

Toor dal                                1 small cup

Red chilly                             4 or 5

Curry leaf                             1 strip

Hing                                         small pinch

Salt                                           as required

Cooking oil                          4 tbsp

Coconut oil                         ½ spoon

Mustard, urad dal           for tempering


  • Wash and cut avarakai into small pieces, cook with salt and turmeric powder. 
  • Don’t pressure cook since it is a tender vegetable and will lose its taste.  Please use a normal kadai or microwave cooking for 4 to 5 minutes. (I cooked in microwave oven for 5 minutes).
  • Soak toor dal. 
  • After half an hour, wetgrind soaked dal with red chilly, little salt and hing.  (don’t grind very smooth).
  • Heat oil in kadai, add mustard, urad dal , add curry leaves. 
  • Transfer the paste to kadai and sauté continuously for 2 minutes, till dal is fried and broken well. 
  • Add cooked avarakai, keep stirring well for 2 minutes and switch off burner.  Add coconut oil and mix well.
  • For people who don’t want to use more oil, can steam cook the ground dal paste as idlies , break them and follow the above procedure.

It is a very tasty side dish for rice with vatha kuzhambu, morkuzhambu & pepper kuzhambu.

The usili can be made with:


Carrot (already posted)

Normal Beans

Cluster beans-kothavarangai (posted already), etc.,


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