This is a very rich and highly tasty curry, Andhra special, a “must-DISH”  in Andhra rich weddings, will be served in small quantity.  It is prepared with drumstick to make people eat slowly enjoying the dish.

Thanks to Mrs. Leela Pratapa, who is basically from Andhra, for teacing me this. 



Cashew                                                                25 (if small) 15 (if big)

Onion                                                                    2

Tomato                                                                2

Drumstick                                                          1

Chilly powder                                                 as required

Turmeric powder                                         small pinch

Salt                                                                      as required

Dhania powder                                            ½ spoon

Thick curd                                                       1 spoon

Coconut                                                           small quantity

Ginger                                                               small piece

Curry leaf                                                       1 strip

Coriander leaves                                      small quantity

Jeera and oil                                               for tempering



  • Soak cashews 15 to 20 minutes before starting the preparation. 
  • Cook drumstick separately to 3/4th
  • Heat oil in kadai, add jeera and curry leaves. 
  • Add onion, fry till transparent. 
  • Add tomato and cooked drumstick. 
  • Add chilly powder, turmeric powder , salt and dhania powder.
  • Take 1/4th of cashews, grind with coconut and ginger as a fine paste.
  • Add this to kadai contents , stir well and allow to boil for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Add curd , remaining cashews , mix well and switch off.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves.


I made this yesterday for chapathi, it was superb.


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