Vazhaikkai                           5

Channa dal                          4 tbsp

Red chilly                             5

Hing                                         small piece (or powder- a pinch)

Salt                                           as required

Mustard, urad dal, oil   for tempering

Curry leaf                               1 strip



Cut raw banana into halves, boil in water in a vessel or kadai.  Allow to cook upto 3/4th only.  Take out, peel off skin, scrap (as you do for carrot salad ).

Fry in little oil, channa dal , red chilly and hing and powder dry with salt.


Add the powder to scrapped banana and mix well.  Heat oil in kadai, add mustard, urad dal and  the mixture and sauté well , add curry leaves and coconut oil – 2spoons(optional) , mix well and serve.

Lot of banana portion will be sticking in the skin, you can remove that and mix with little powder and coconut oil and eat separately.  I like that very much.


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