Source: TV show

chinese dosa roll-1 chinese dosa roll-2 chinese dosa roll-3 chinese dosa roll-4 chinese dosa roll-5

Dosa batter               1 cup
Garlic cloves             7
Red chilly                   7
Capsicum                   1 big
Salt                                as required
Sugar                            pinch
Vinegar                        2 spoons
Cooking oil                2 tbsp+as required for preparing dosa


  • Boil garlic cloves and red chilies in a vessel and make it a fine paste.
  • Wash and chop capsicum finely.
  • Heat oil in kadai, add chopped capsicum and sauté well.
  • Once done, add the paste, salt, sugar and vinegar and allow to boil together well & switch off burner.
  • Heat dosa pan, spread a big spoon of batter (as you normally do), spray oil, turn side, once done, turn back to original side, spread the sauce on dosa, roll it as shown in pic.
  • Repeat for remaining dough.
  • Chinese dosa rolls are ready.

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