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We all like bisibelabath very much and I have tried it many times  only with rice.  I never got it alright though I strain so much to make it. 

This is the first time I am trying this recipe with oats, trust me,  it came out extremely well.

I am happy to share it with you all, please don’t miss trying this.

Mixed vegetables I have used:


Broad beans



You can decide your own combination, i.e, drumstick, green peas, beans, etc.,


Oats                                         1 cup

Toor dal                                ½ cup

Small onion                        few

Mixed vegetables cuts  1 ½ cups

Turmeric powder             pinch

Salt                                           as required

Tamarind                              gooseberry size

Ghee                                         ½ spoon

Cashews                                 few

For tempering:

Gingelly oil                          2 tbsp

Mustard                                  little

Curry leaf                              1 strip

For frying and powdering:

Cooking oil                          1 spoon

Chana dal                             2 spoons

Dhania                                    1 spoon

Red chilly                              6

Pepper                                    ½ spoon

Cardamom                          1

Clove                                       1

Cinnamon stick                very small piece

Coconut                                ¼ cup


  • Cook toor dal along with cut vegetables(except small onions) with enough water, portion of salt and turmeric powder.
  • Peel off skin of small onions.
  • Soak tamarind and extract juice.
  • Fry items mentioned under “For frying and powdering” using the oil, warm it and powder it.
  • Do tempering with items mentioned.
  • Add small onions, sauté for 2 minutes.
  • Add tamarind water and a portion of salt required and boil it well.
  • Once done, add cooked mixture.
  • Mix well and allow to boil together for couple of minutes.
  • Add powder, mix well.
  • Add enough water now and allow to boil.
  • Add oats, mix well, reduce flame and allow to cook well.
  • Once fully done, add fried cashews, mix well and enjoy the delicious and healthy feast with curd pachadi.

We enjoyed with brinjal pachadi…click below to view

brinjal pachadi





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