Gujarat special dish, we had a chance to enjoy this dish in our flat party recently.
Thought of sharing this recipe with you all.


Dabeli pav                                                                16
Dabeli masala(readymade available) 4 to 5 tbsp
Coriander chutney                                             as required (ref. blog if u want recipe)
Tamarind chutney                                             as required (ref. blog if u want recipe)
Cooking oil                                                             ½ cup
Potato                                                                       1 kg
Grated coconut                                                   4 tbsp
Pomegranate                                                      4 to 6 tbsp
Onion                                                                        5
Peanuts (crushed)                                           4 tbsp
Cumin seed(jeera)                                           1 spoon
Nylon sev                                                               4 tbsp
Butter                                                                       6 tbsp
Salt                                                                            as required


  • Chop onions and coriander leaves finely.
  • Cook potatoes, peel off skin and mash well.
  • Add onion, grated coconut, cumin seeds(jeera), peanuts, coriander leaves, pomegranate, nylon sev, salt and mix well.
  • Heat oil, add dabeli masala and ½ cup of water and stir well for a minute.
  • Add the mixed stuff.
  • Mix and saute well for 3 to 5 minutes in medium flame and switch off.
  • Take pav, cut horizontally into 2 halves.
  • Smear with coriander chutney on one side.
  • Smear with tamarind chutney on the other side.
  • Take 2 tbsp of the stuffing and keep in between 2 halves of chutney smeared pavs.
  • Heat a tava, place this, use butter and cook it on both the sides.
  • Repeat for remaining quantity and enjoy this excellent dish.

Recipe shared by Mrs. Minaxi, my flat friend.



2 thoughts on “DABELI

  1. can u tell us Puppy where this Dabeli masala is available? I have not heard of this masala in Chennai for sure. I too liked the dish served at our last party.

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