Rice                                          1 cup

Toor dal                                ½ cup

Tamarind                             small lemon size

Small onion                       15

Drum stick                           1

Carrot                                     1 (optional)

Beans                                      3 (optional)

Potato                                    1 (optional)

Brinjal                                     2 (optional)

Gingelly oil                          4 tbsp

Sambar powder               1 spoon (optional)

Salt                                           as required

Channa dal                          2 spoons

Coriander seeds                1 spoon

Red chilly                              6

Coconut                                 1 small cup

Ghee                                        1 spoon (optional)

Curry leaf                             1 strip

Mustard                                for tempering

Sundrop oil                        3 spoons

Cashew/ground nut     10 (optional)



Cook rice & dal together.  Fry in one spoon sundrop oil, channa dal, red chilly, coriander seeds and then add coconut and fry till golden and powder it. Take thick tamarind juice. Cut vegetales into big pieces. Heat 2 spoons sundrop oil , add mustard, then small onion, drum stick and once half done, add other vegetables, curry leaves, sauté for 5 minutes.  Add tamarind juice, salt and powder made.  Wait till it becomes a semisolid paste.   Switch off burner , add cooked rice+dal mixture and mix well.  Add gingelly oil, (ghee , cashew/ ground nut if required) & Serve.


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