pineapple kesari

It is just similar to rava kesari (which is already posted), with little differences.   For ready reference, I give below the full procedure:


Rava                                                  1 cup

Pineapple cuts                            1 cup

Sugar                                               1 cup

Ghee                                                 4 tbsp

Cashew                                          5

Elachi powder                           liberal pinch

Yellow food colour                 small pinch


  • Heat one tbsp of ghee and fry broken cashews to golden, take out and keep aside.
  • Chop pineapple finely and boil in a cup of water.
  • Heat another tbsp of ghee and fry rava for long time in medium flame till it is completely golden.
  • Add boiled pineapple water, mix well,  allow to boil and cook very well.
  • Once it is cooked fully and all water is absorbed, add sugar, elachi powder, yellow food colour and mix well.
  • Add remaining ghee and switch of f burner once done.
  • Add cashews, mix well and enjoy.




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