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Source: TV show


Aval                       1 cup

Curd                      1 cup

Salt                        as required

Onion                    1-big

Green chilly          2 to 3

Ginger                   small piece

Cooking oil           as required for deep frying

For outer coating:

Kadalai mavu(besan)         1 cup

Rice flour                             3 tbsp

Red chilli powder                ¾ spoon

Salt                                       as required

Hing                                      liberal pinch


  • Wash and mix the aval with curd and salt.
  • Chop onion, green chilies and ginger finely and mix with above.
  • Make small balls of size shown in pic.
  • Mix the items mentioned under “for outer coating”, with water to a consistency similar to bajji dough.
  • Heat oil in a kadai.
  • Take the balls one by one, dip gently in the dough, drop in oil.
  • Turn side and take out once golden.
  • Excellent aval bondas are ready. 





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