You may think, popcorn is such a common snack,  available everywhere, but homemade popcorn is unbeatable, which I recently experienced when my flat friend Mrs. Nishita Jatin brought a tasty popcorn  when we were on a long drive together. 

popcorn-1 popcorn-2


I tried it too(taking the procedure from her)  and it came out so well.  You can experience the pleasure of making this (if at all you have not  tried it any time before).


Kadai with lid

The quantity shown in the photo is made with below measurements.

Maize kernels                    1 tbsp

Cooking oil                         2 tbsp

Salt                                          as required

Chilli powder                     small pinch


  • Heat the kadai, dry roast the kernels a little, transfer to a cup.
  • Heat oil, when it is half heated add the kernels, close with lid.
  • You can hear the sound of popping and the sound subsides in 1 ½ minutes.
  • Open lid, take out, mix with chilli powder and salt.
  • Repeat the process for the quantity you desire.

Trust me, it came out so well.

Enjoy hot and fresh popcorn anytime at home.  You can use pepper powder in place of chilli powder, but we liked more with chilli powder.







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