Badam                                  1 cup

Sugar                                     1 cup

Water                                     1 cup

Ghee                                       ½ cup

Elachi powder                  liberal pinch

Saffron                                 liberal pinch

Colour(yellow or red)  very very small pinch

Milk                                          1 spoon (only to mix with saffron )

badam1 badam2 badam6 badam7


  • Soak badam for 5 to 6 hours and remove the skin.
  • Make a paste , adding water only to required quantity.
  • In a thick bottomed vessel ( I have used cooker ), mix sugar and water and switch on burner.
  • Boil upto one string consistency.
  • Add badam paste, keep stirring.
  • Dissolve colour in a spoon of milk and pour to boiling contents.
  • Add elachi powder and saffron.
  • Once it is cooked more than half, start adding ghee little by little.
  • Switch off burner once done (refer photos for consistency).
  • Transfer to serving bowl and garnish with badam and saffron.

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