Maida                                   ½  cup

Rice flour                           ½ cup

Rava                                     ¾ cup

Wheat flour                      ¼ cup

Green chilly                      1 (optional)

Salt                                        as required

Buttermilk                        6 tbsp

Coriander leaves           small quantity

Pepper and jeera           ¼ spoon (crushed coarse)

Onion                                    1 (big)

Cooking oil                        as required (your choice – nonstick tawa requires less/no oil)


  • Cut green chilly, onion and coriander leaves into fine bits.
  • Mix all items (except onion) with water to a “bit dilute” than “dosa batter” consistency.
  • Keep it for half an hour.
  • Take a big spoon of batter, pour circular in heated dosa tawa.
  • Immediately put cut onions on dosa in a spread out manner.
  • Pour a spoon of oil around dosa.
  • Flip side , cook well and serve.

Any chutney will suit this dosa, in fact it is excellent even without side dish.

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