KHATAIFI KHEER shared by Mrs. Leela

kheer1 kheer2 kheer3 kheer4



Kataifi (see pic)                 1 box (bought in US from a Persian shop)

Milk                                           ¾ litre

Kesar colour                       small pinch

Sugar                                     ¼ kg

Dry fruits                              half handful

Cooking oil                         to fry kataifi


  • Heat oil in kadai, keep low flame.
  • Kataifi is available as long multistrand stuff.
  • Pinch out some from box, keep in a tea strainer with a wet hand, fry in oil by dipping the strainer inside oil, take out once done and arrange in a plate. (see pic)
  • Boil milk with sugar and a pinch of kesar colour.
  • Soak dry fruits for some time and chop finely.
  • While serving, keep fried stuff in a bow, pour boiled milk and garnish with chopped dry fruits.

Excellent sweet for sweet lovers.

Shared by Mrs. Leela Pratapa, my flat friend.


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