Pumpkin                                  1 big piece

Raw banana                          ½

Brinjal                                       1 or 2

Drumstick                               ½

Carrot                                        1

Beans or avaraikai           5

Sepankizhangu                  2

Potato                                      1

Curry leaves                          1 strip

Coconut oil                            2 tbsp

Jeera                                         1 spoon

Green chilly                          5

Curd                                           1 small cup

Salt                                            as required



Cut the vegetables into big pieces, wash and transfer to mud pot (if not, to small cooker or  thick bottomed vessel).

Add salt, cook upto 90%. (in cooker , don’t cook for more than 3 whistles)

Wetgrind coconut, jeera and green chilly as a fine paste and transfer to boiled vegetables.

Stir well and cook remaining 10 % and add curd when you are about to switch off.

Switch off burner and add coconut oil , mix well and serve.

It is a famous side dish for adai (mixed dal dosa). Goes well with any rice items.



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