veg oothappam1 veg oothappam2

There are many dishes that can be made with left over idly batter.  Kuzhi paniaram and veg Uthappam are the dishes I normally make in the mornings since these two consume less oil with non stick utensils.  However, using oil is one’s own choice.


Old idly/dosa batter               1 cup (big)

Onion                                                2

Tomato                                            1

Green chilly                                   2

Carrot                                               1

Coriander leaves                       handful

Oil                                                       as required

veg oothappam6veg oothappam8


  • If the dough is very old, you can add little salt.
  • Chop all vegetables finely.
  • Heat dosa tawa, pour big spoon of dough, flatten as a thick dosa, spread all vegetables immediately over the surface.
  • Pour oil as you wish.
  • Once cooked, turn side and cook in medium flame.
  • Take out once done and serve with coconut chutney or idly milaga podi.

veg oothappam9


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