This 7 veg kootu is prepared along with kali for thiruvathirai festival.

“Naatu kaigari”  are used in preparing this.

I have used the following vegetables.  You can use any other “naatu kaigari” as per your wish.

7 veg kootu1 7 veg kootu2


White pumpkin                 1 piece

Sweet pumpkin                1 piece

Chow chow                          1

Brinjal                                     2

Sepankizhangu                4

Raw banana                       1

Avarakai-broad beans 5

Tamarind extract            ½ cup

Salt                                           as required

Jaggery                                 small piece(optional)

Turmeric powder             ¼ spoon

To fry and grind:

Gingelly oil                          1 ½ tbsp

chana dal                             1 tbsp

coriander seed                  1 tbsp

Raw rice                                1 tbsp

White til                                 1 ½ tbsp

Red chilly                             5

Scrapped coconut           ½ cup

For tempering:

Gingelly oil                          2 tbsp

Mustard                               1 spoon

Curry leaf                            1 strip


  • Wash and cut the vegetables to fairly big pieces.
  • Cook the cut vegetables in tamarind water along with salt and turmeric powder.
  • Fry in oil, the items mentioned under “to fry and grind” and grind as a paste adding required water.
  • Add the paste in fully cooked vegetables.
  • Add jaggery (optional).
  • Mix well and switch off.
  • Temper with items mentioned under “for tempering”.

Excellent 7 veg. kootu is ready.

I have added peanuts(fried) for additional taste.  (Actually, mochai is to be added with vegetables).





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